Where can I get a piano keyboard or synth?

I’ve seen a lot of questions around Facebook in our local area, “where can I get a piano keyboard?” If you’re in Davis county, or the salt lake valley, we’ve got your back. Murphy’s Guitars now carries KORG digital pianos and synthesizers.

Here are a few things we really like about the KORG keyboards that we think you’ll like as well.

88-keys with weighted action

the KORG digital pianos feature a full range keyboard with 88 keys, so you get the full range of keys. Whether someone in the family is just learning to play, or you’re practicing and studying to become a concert pianist, you won’t be limited by the range of notes on your digital piano.

Weighted action is another huge plus to these keyboards. If you’ve ever played a keyboard that felt like plastic keys with a spring that pops the keys back up, you’ll know that it just doesn’t feel like the real thing. Going from one of these keyboards to a full size piano can be a difficult transition for most players. A weighted action keyboard simulates the weight and feel of the hammer in a piano striking the strings. So moving from your KORG keyboard to other pianos makes for a smooth, seamless transition.

They look great, and they’re compact!

The standard KORG models offer an optional stand that makes it blend in to your house, and it comes in black or white so it’ll go with the decor of any house. When you move up to a nicer model like the KORG LP180 the stand is included. once again, with the option of black or white. It also offers a cover that doubles as a music stand.

Power supply and pedals included

KORG digital pianos include foot pedals and power supplies. Whether you’re looking for a single sustain pedal, or 3 pedal options, KORG digital pianos have something to offer.

They sound great!

Visit us at 133 North Main Street in Bountiful to hear one for yourself!

Let’s say music production is more your thing. KORG is also the industry standard for digital workstations and synthesizers. Visit our Pro Audio and Home Recording section to see how you can take your music production to the next level.

Murphy’s Guitars is located at 133 North Main Street. Visit us today or contact us at 801-298-4777, or mail@murphysguitars.com

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