Re-Inventing the ReString Kit

Aaron Jorgensen, a 6 year employee of Murphy’s Guitars is currently aiming to make the chore of stringing an instrument a task that can be done from nearly anywhere, by nearly anyone. That old restring kit that’s been in your guitar case or tool kit for years needs to move aside, because Aaron has an invention that he feels will change the way musicians string their instruments for good. The ReString Theory kit was born within the walls of our Main Street, Bountiful guitar store, and the test runs of its first prototypes were made on Murphy’s own workbenches, so you can trust us when we say, “this little kit is about to make stringing easier, more convenient, and allow you to get a better end result every time.”

The Kit includes a pack of Curt Mangan strings, (a company that Murphy’s Guitars has worked with for years), a set of wire cutters, and a string winder. A bunch of tools many musicians have had all along right? Well here’s the unique part, The patent pending design of the case allows it to fold into a neck rest that will keep your instrument elevated while you work on it. The all in one design fits all of your tools into this convenient, and versitile carying case. Then when you’re done with it, zip it up, and the case will fit in most guitar cases.

Guitar techs no longer need to waste time tracking down their tools, Touring and gigging musicians no longer need to worry about restringing on the go. Just think about how frustrating it is to break a string. Whether you’re about to go on stage, in the middle of an intense practice session, or playing along to your favorite song in your living room, it’s a pain to break strings. Just immagine having the tools and knowledge you’d need in that situation to restring your instrument.

Still not convinced? That’s fine! Remember Murphy’s Guitars offers restring services starting at $16.99, let the pros at Murphy’s Guitars use their knowledge and expertise to change your strings, get your axe set up, and resolve any issues it might be having, then get your ReString Theory kit for quick use in emergency situations.

Where do I get one?

The ReString Theory Kit is live at To get your kit or to learn more about it CLICK HERE, but remember! If Aaron doesn’t reach his funding goal the kits won’t be created! (you won’t be billed for the ammount pledged if the project isn’t funded) So be sure to tell your friends, Find ReString Theory on Facebook, and check out their website, but most of all make your way over to, and support their company before August 30th, or the ReString Theory kit won’t become reality.

Link to Kickstarter: 

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