Custom Guitar Or Bass.

Picture this, It’s Christmas morning. You open the big rectangular package that’s been sitting under the tree for months. You tear the wrapping off, and open up a brand new guitar case. This isn’t your standard, run of the mill, stock guitar however. This is the guitar you dreamed up and designed yourself. This year don’t settle for stock. Why not create your own American made custom Fender Guitar with the help of Murphy’s Guitars?

Why Murphy’s Guitars?

Murphy’s Guitars is offering our Fender Academy certified staff paired with Fender’s Mod Shop Experience to help make this dream a reality. Why build the guitar on your own? Why wade through hours of YouTube videos, product reviews, and confusing specifics? Murphy’s Guitars is your local Fender Warranty Repair Center. Therefore we know the Fender brand inside and out. Our staff is Fender Academy certified, which means we’ve taken the time to learn these product specs, and how that can help your playing.

Which body wood would be best?

What are the bennefits of each fingerboard material?

Which pickups will give me the tone I’m looking for?

These and so many more questions can be answered by our staff. Many of the pickups, parts, and specs can also be found in our extensive inventory of fender guitars. Want to try out a set of pickups? We’ve got the parts offered by the Mod Shop, so you can hear how it all sounds before you buy your dream guitar.


If you’re looking to create your dream fender this christmas season, don’t try to go it alone. Visit us in store at Murphy’s Guitars, or send us an email at to set up an appointment to speak with our highly trained staff as we walk you through the process step by step.

Mod Shop Guitars are completed within 30 days of submission. Mod shop orders must be submitted before Thanksgiving 2018.

Murphy’s Guitars is located at 133 N. Main Street in Bountiful, UT

Phone: 801-298-4777

Fender Mod Shop:

Fender Mod Shop currently limited to US residents

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