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About Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy was born in New Mexico, raised in Texas and transplanted to Utah where he taught at Viewmont High School for 37 years until his retirement in June of 2011.While at Viewmont, he developed a guitar program that is one of the largest in the U.S.

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We offer many musical services from great musical instruments and gear (guitars, basses, ukulele, strings, and more) to guitar repairs, lessons, and concerts. Below are some of our featured services offered here at Murphy’s Guitars.

Happy Customers

Fantastic customer service! I have a bass that basically needed to be rebuilt. Although there were challenges procuring all of the parts they communicated well and did a fantastic job!!
DB Robb
DB Robb
13:37 21 Jun 18
Great place! Nice atmosphere and knowledgeable staff make this the perfect spot for all your guitar gear.
Tom Clark
Tom Clark
03:12 21 Jun 18
Murphy's guitar has been a wonderful staple in the bountiful area for as long as I can remember. They have wonderful friendly staff that has helped me out with my needs from intstruments to recording to repairs. They support not only music in the community they also support the community and have contributed to the growth of down town bountiful. They are amazing.
David Sandberg
David Sandberg
18:50 25 May 18
Gave these guys a shot based on their website and reviews. Very glad I did. I started with a pretty detailed email of my needs. Got a prompt and cool response so I made the Trip to Bountiful. Aaron called Fender and got a hand drawn schematic for my broken (bad push/push tone pot) early 90's Carvel/Jackson TX Custom. Got the part and fixed it superbly. I had forgotten how much fun this guitar is. Upon the success of this repair, I took an old Fender M80 Chorus which I had buggered attempting a couple pot replacements. Again, Murphy's (Joe the Amp Guy) killed it. Now, contrary to at least one review, they applied some discounts to both parts and labor. Probably because I was such a stellar customer, kind, cheerful, patient, not afraid to display my ignorance (try it, it pays off). So now I have a whole new rig that I haven't been able to play in years. Great fun. Ironic that when I opened the case of this Tele (Sea Foam Green, just horrid or really cool depending on your POV) and Owner Mike said, "Hey, we used to sell those at Guitar City" (Centerville). That's just where I bought it. In closing, it's still worth the drive to Davis County for guitar stuff. Thanks fellas.
the other don
the other don
05:27 18 May 18
I had a great experience at Murphy's Guitars! I feel bad that I don't remember the two gentlemen's names that helped me, but I know everyone in that shop will treat me right when I go back. I was shopping for a guitar and I spent over 4 hours there pondering and asking questions. They answered every question and were happy to do so with the same enthusiasm from the first 10 minutes to the last. I could tell they loved music and were happy to help me in this process. i would have been abandoned after 20 minutes and left to myself in most any Guitar Center (and I wouldn't have blamed them).They helped me pick out a guitar that suited my needs and will be a joy to play for years. After comparing their prices to other stores in the area and online I confidently purchased the instrument from Murphy's. I paid less at Murphy's for this guitar than online, and left with that warm feeling you get when you put your money in a great local business rather than a large online retailer.I don't even live in Utah (though I spend a lot of time there for work) yet from the quality of service and products I found there I consider them my go to store from now on.Keep it up guys.-Dan
Picker's Quest
Picker's Quest
01:33 16 Apr 18
Great and very helpful employees! I always love to shop here!
Jade Stevens
Jade Stevens
16:31 19 Feb 18
Great guy working behind the desk. Cool store.
Joe Dampt
Joe Dampt
14:31 07 Jul 17
I love this place! The people who work here are all amazing! I spaced that I would not have time to go shopping for my anniversary gift for my husband. I ran into Murphys and they went above and beyond to help me. They called all of the reps they could in the valley to find a new item that they knew would be perfect for my husband, and had it delivered the same day!! My favorite guitar shop!!
lindsey Lindsey
lindsey Lindsey
21:54 30 Mar 17
Very helpful and knowledgable. Great customer service. I feel like my questions were professional addressed. It is a pleasure every time I go into the store.
Jenni Barber
Jenni Barber
20:59 29 Oct 16
I was blown away by the service at Murphy's Guitars. I brought in two vintage acoustic guitars from the late 60's that my dad owned and played all his musical life. They hadn't been played for a few years (nor had they been maintained properly), so I needed them "fixed up" and shipped to my home in New York. I was flying home the next morning, so I was in a pretty serious time crunch! Mike Murphy understood what I wanted, and told me that although he could do the repair work on these guitars, he recommended that I ship them first and get the work done in NY. He further explained that the humidity difference between SLC and NY would mean that a repair/restoration done in the dry mountain climate would leave the guitars in less than ideal condition when taken into the more humid environment on the east coast. Mike found a couple of spare guitar boxes in the back of the store and spent over an hour helping me pack the guitars properly in their cases with bubble wrap around the fretboards and headstocks. He then gave me solid recommendations for a shipping company nearby that could handle the shipping/insurance properly, as well as a reputable luthier in NY that could manage the restorations. All of this he did for FREE, and I walked out of the shop having only paid $1 for a replacement plastic tip for a worn capo (saved $25 by not buying a new capo, by the way).So, what can I say? You've got to have a ton of respect for a small business owner that will pass on an opportunity to sell a "city boy" service that he's asking for (but might not be ideal)... and then to spend a couple of hours giving him a ton of advice at no cost is simply above-and-beyond awesome service.The entire staff was great, and everyone I spoke with in the shop was a guitar enthusiast and knows their stuff. The store was recently expanded, so they have a solid inventory of both acoustic and electric. If I'm anywhere in the mountains and have an any guitar needs whatsoever, I'm bee-lining it straight to Murphy's.
20:00 09 Oct 16
This is my favorite guitar shop on the Wasatch Front. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and it's locally owned. They also sponsor all sorts of events to promote local music and local business. Definitely shop here!
Ross Pincock
Ross Pincock
14:15 09 Jun 16
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